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My Loyalties....

This is a modified version of a post I made on VMware's internal Socialcast, expressing my feelings of how important it is to work together.  A reminder:  this is *my* blog, not an EMC, VMware or Pivotal blog.

My paycheck comes from David Goulden.  I have an emc.com email address.  I give briefings at the EMC EBC on the EMC strategy.  I train EMC teams on the integration points between EMC and VMware and Pivotal.  In that sense, you could say I'm an EMCer.  I'd agree with you.

I sit in PromD almost every day.  I have a vmware.com email address.  I have a vmware badge.  I train EMCers on how to use/sell VMware products.  I write joint messaging documents.  I'm a VCDX and VCDX panelist.  I'm a vExpert for every year its existed.   I give presentations at the VBC alongside VMware teams at least monthly.  In that sense, you could say I'm a VMware-ite (er?).  I'd agree with you.

My badge works in the Pivotal and Greenplum buildings.  I write apps in Python, Java using things like RabbitMQ, Redis and Gemfire against PivotalHD.  I believe that PaaS is the future of this industry.  In that sense, you could say I'm a Pivoter.  I'd agree with you.

Really, I believe I am an evangelist for the Federation.  I don't believe that EMC alone has what it takes to be the best in this market - we lack some very critical things around agility, understanding of applications and the mobile world.  These are things that VMware and Pivotal have down pat.  In concert, I think that EMC brings some value in a strong depth and breadth of physical infrastructure that Pivotal and VMware dont have.  There's a reason these three companies exist together...

...because together, we are be the best choice for a customer, if we work together.

As a result, I push for us to improve everywhere I can.  Sometimes that means telling an internal EMC team to use VSAN rather than a VNX (which I did yesterday), sometimes it means being honest about cost models so we all know where we stand on things like $/GB, sometimes it means suggesting an EMC product to fill a gap for a customer where VMware doesn't have a play, and sometimes it means admitting when an EMC product isn't the best choice to use at VMware (in my role as their global architect) and suggesting something else.

I'm not emotional about specific products - but I am absolutely invested in this.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my success (personally, professional, monetarily) is strongly tied to the success of the Federation as a whole.  I *need* products like VSAN, vC Ops, ScaleIO, ViPR, etc to win in the market so I can feed my family, and I will work as hard as I can to make that happen.  Ultimately, I think that this will benefit the customers.  As Chad wrote in his pre-sales manifesto: "We put the customer first, company second, and ourselves third."

We will all win together; customers, partners, vmware, emc and pivotal.

I'm with you.