Cloud, DevOps, Evangelism

A New Team for a New Application

I posted earlier this year that I was changing roles - just within the first couple weeks its been a whirlwind internally letting people know, meeting with EMC leadership, getting silly technical issues fixed so I report the right way internally, etc. But its also been fun - this is a brand new team, and with my colleagues, we get to shape it from the start.

Here’s a quick description.

#So What Does My Team Do?

The team is responsible for evangelism, marketing and education of cloud native applications and the related technologies at EMC and, by extension, the Federation. Our goals are to:

  • create customer facing content for field teams to use in discussions.
  • create and deliver education content focused on cloud native applications, modern application development (agile) and management (devops) alongside our friends in {code}, specifically focused on internal field teams, partners and customers.
  • internally and externally evangelize EMC’s efforts and solutions in this space to groups at executive briefings, industry events, meetups, hackathons

#Do You Have a Team Name (and where can I get a hoodie?)

UPDATE: Yes, we do. We are the dotnext team. Hoodies and stickers? Come find us at an event, and we’ll figure it out!

#So What Cool Stuff Do We Work On?

The team doesn’t focus on any one technology and is not part of any specific business unit. We focus on how EMC and the Federations offerings fit together into a cohesive set of technologies that can help our customers improve their agility and business. The tools and technologies we discuss most commonly include:

  • Cloud Native Platforms / PaaS
    • VMware Photon
    • Cloud Foundry (OSS)
    • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    • Apache Mesos & Marathon
    • Kubernetes
  • Containers
    • Docker (+ Swarm & Compose)
    • Container Management (Mesos, Kubernetes, Photon, etc)
  • DevOps & Agile
    • Complementary Products (Puppet, etc)
    • EMC & Pivotal Services
  • Hardware & Appliances
    • VxRack
    • Neutrino and related upcoming projects
    • ECS
    • DSSD