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Big Changes

Its with somewhat mixed emotions that I announce to the world some changes in my life.

As of this morning, Monday the 18th of 2011, I'm no longer a Sales Engineer / Solutions Architect for 3PAR/HP. Let me be clear - I'm not making this change because of concern over the 3PAR or HP product lines. I think that HP's aquisition of the 3PAR company and product line was a pretty smart choice. However, I came from a true engineering role. Doing operations is a lot of fun, and I learned a ton while being in that role. I went to a Sales Engineering role hoping to parlay that experience into helping 3PAR's customers solve huge problems. While I had that oppurtuntity, I missed the technical side of things.

I missed getting my hands dirty.

I missed finding bugs and fighting to fix them. I missed pushing the limits of the newest technology.

So, as of this morning, I start my first day as a Sr. vSpecialist for EMC. I know that most of my past colleagues just spit out their (coffee|soda|water|milk) after reading that. If there was one company they didn't expect me to head to (besides Microsoft), it would have been EMC. They know that over the years I've been, historically, a critic of EMC's storage and some of the technologies. So why would I go join the dark side, so to speak?

Its because I think things over there (here?) are changing. I think that the technology base are significantly improving. The Clariion line is starting to look significantly better with the advent of VNX (which is not to say there's no room for improvement - there is). The EMC VSI vCenter plugins are the best integration on the market. EMC Smarts^H^H^H^H^H^H Ionix is starting to get better. But most importantly, I think that EMC, even more so than VMware has the aggressive 'vision' needed to make VMware the default standard in the enterprise. Its that change that I want to be a part of. So, I've decided to cash in and go join Chad's Army.

I think EMC knows that I've been critical in the past. Even knowing that, they still hired me. I truly hope to be able to use my perspective to improve the EMC product line, help the world figure out this virtualization fad (as my Dad calls it) and get my hands back into the muck.

For a good intro into what a vSpecialist does all day, I'd recommend my new colleague Tommy Trogden's post, or Nicholas Weaver's post on the subject.

So here's to a cool looking mechanic's shirt and getting my hands dirty once again.