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CloudFoundry Summit Quick Take

I thought I’d just write a quick review of the Cloud Foundry Summit I attended last week. Note: Everything was recorded and will be posted over the next couple weeks, and when that happens I will post another set of links to the best talks.

#Major Announcements:

  • 1400 attendees (+50% from last year).
  • JP Morgan Chase joins the CF Foundation
    • The second major financial to join
  • New Relic joins the federation
    • The first major SaaS provider I’ve seen.
  • Diego: Plan for GA release in Q3 of this year.
  • HP donates thousands of lines - Windows fully supported, in effect:
    • WinDEA - allows using Windows as a DEA, and therefore .NET and other windows applications on Cloud Foundry.
      • Already in the incubator, targeting Q3 GA
      • Supports Windows 2012
      • Uses IIS isolated sites
    • SQL Server Service Broker (SQLServer 2012/2014)
      • No restrictions on nature of backend databases (e.g. AAG’s allowed).
      • Requires ‘contained’ databases for security.
    • VisualStudio Plugins
      • Support for deploy & management to CF from within VS
      • Mac & Windows
      • Free
      • VS 2013 and VS 2015
      • Local compilation or server side compilation supported.
    • “exe” buildpack
      • Similar to ‘null’ buildpack, allows push of raw ‘.exe’ for execution in DEA.
  • EMC opening Dojo in Cambridge in Summer
  • IBM opening Dojo in RTP later this year
  • GE opening an ‘industrial’ dojo.
  • Microsoft announces support for CF on Azure
  • VMware’s Kit Colbert announces a Photon-based stemcell, making a very small, non-Ubuntu stemcell a possibility (ed: which is hugely positive for everyone that doesn’t like Ubuntu for production, which includes every enterprise ever, and, well, me :)
  • Mirantis and Pivotal announce alliance

#Videos All the videos for CF Summit have been posted (that was quick!).

Here are some of my picks:


##Blog Posts:

##Slides / Sources

  • Matt Stine’s slides on microservices: https://t.co/6LzQTkZCmv
  • Slides on Lattice: https://t.co/p28MKttB2S
  • 10 common errors when pushing to CF: http://www.slideshare.net/greensight/10-common-errors-when-pushing-apps-to-cloud-foundry?qid=f4f55081-5609-47ad-910c-05ba794b0612&v=qf1&b=&from_search=2
  • How to organize a CF User Group: http://www.slideshare.net/DanielKrook/findingandorganizingagreatcloudfoundryusergroup
  • Wikibon’s take: http://siliconangle.com/blog/2015/05/11/confused-about-paas-wikibon-can-help/
  • Kroger’s story: http://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2015/05/04/heres-how-technology-is-changing-your-kroger.html?utm_content=14852583&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter