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Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

Conference season has started, and I figured it was a good time to update what I’m working on and where I’ll be.

#CF Summit

First up is the CloudFoundry Summit. If you’ve paid attention to my recent posts and tweets, you can see how supportive I am of this project. Its the only PaaS out there thats ready for production and open source and compatible with pretty much any cloud provider, and so I think its REALLY important. This is a bit of a prediction, but I think its more important than Docker and Openstack…combined.

Anyways, I’ll be there this year doing a couple things:

  1. I have a presentation I’ll be giving with Rags from the EMC{code} team on why 12-factor apps are hugely valuable to ops people, not just developers. Its going down Tuesday (May 12) at noon.
  2. I’m running the CFGames, which will be coincident with the reception on Monday night at 6pm. So come down, get something to eat, and drink, and come play some cool board games (and card games, etc) with your fellow CF people. We’ll have people on hand to help coach you through games you haven’t played before, and we’ll follow the CF Code of Conduct to make sure its fun for everyone. We’ll probably even see if we can drag Sam Ramji and Chip Childers and others into a Carcasonne face off :). There’ll be more details to come on this from me, Sam and Angela from the Linux Foundation (who are awesome to help run the event).
  3. I’ll be helping out Brian Gallagher and Patrick Dennis from our (EMC) Cloud BU in the booth from time to time.

#EMCworld 2015

As usual, I’ll be at EMCworld 2015 in Las Vegas, doing some cool stuff. Some highlights include:

  • Attending the DevOps days being run by the EMC{code} team and my friend Jonas Rosland. Lots of good sessions, and worth showing up a day early. Sign up!
  • Working the PaaS/CF booth on the show floor. We’ll be doing a SUPER COOL thing where we have an application, we’ll take live requests for changes, code them up right in front you (hopefully without bugs - talk about stressful!), and show how easily we can push them to CloudFoundry without downtime. Super cool, super agile. Come see me and Tyler Britten do this anytime.
  • I’ve prepared more than 1 demo for this round, that you’ll likely see presented with our fearless leader Mr Chad Sakac. Come to his sessions, and see if we can accidently break some rules and perhaps make a no-net live demo work! And its got some secret awesomesauce, involving CloudFoundry, Twitter and the Apple Watch!

Hope to see you soon - and if you’d like to meet up and chat - find me on Twitter (@mcowger).