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My EMCworld Sessions/Thoughts

So, yet again, EMCworld is coming up, and I’ll be at the show.

##What I’m Doing

This year, I don’t have a session in which I’ll be presenting, but I will be working the ‘App Agility’ booth with Tyler Britten and Drew Dimmick. We’ll be showing off a fully opensource application that Tyler and I wrote using all of the 12-factor principles, running on Cloud Foundry (via Pivotal Web Services) and doing live, on-dmand, no-net code changes and pushing them live to the cloud on request from customers. Wan’t to request a change and see how easy/agile CF makes software deployment/development? Besides - it involves grabbing images from live twitter streams, so you could end up with some blurred out NSFW images…the scandal!. Don’t tell marketing or PR. Come by!

There’s always good sessions, but I thought I’d collect my list of top sessions right here.


  • If you want to really understand ScaleIO, you need to listen to the session from their CTO, Erez Webman. Erez is no CTO-in-name-only - he wrote much of the core code. Erez is really smart, and I love arguing discussing with him some of the intracacies of caching, etc. He and I don’t always agree, but he’s unbelievably smart and you should hit this session. /ScaleIO Architecture/ on Tuesday at noon or Wednesday at 4:30.
  • ScaleIO also has a Hands On Lab thats very good. Go do that.
  • There are also 2 really huge announcements coming about ScaleIO that you wont be able to miss at the show.


  • VMAX3 Performance: How To Trick Out Your VMAX3 For Optimal Performance - John Lynch presents this, and its very impressive and highly technical. If you want to wring every last inch out of your VMAX3, this is the session.
  • VMAX Ask The Experts: Didn’t get enough at John’s presentation? Go hear to ask even more stupidly smart people.


  • Want to see the future of the VNX line? Look no further than the VNXe3200. Want to try the VNXe3200 (which will be the first to support VVOLs)? Try the HoL:
  • Hybrid Flash Deep Dive will be really good too.
  • Virtual VNX Overview. (wait, whats a virtual VNX? Maybe this is a small leak of a major announcement?)


##ViPR Controller



  • Cloud Array was part of our TwinStrata acquisition, and does some cool tiering of filesystems / block devices to public/private clouds. It takes like 20 minutes to setup too. Check it out.




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