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EMCworld Pebble Watchface

Some of you may have heard of the pebble watch - a watch that connects to your Android or iPhone and displays texts, phone calls and, recently, now has a C based SDK for writing your own watch face.  I'm sure at least some of you have one.

I decided to get a little creative, and built a watch face for EMCworld.  See below, but basically it shows the EMC/EMCworld logos, the current time, and at the bottom, the amount of storage EMC has shipped so far today (since midnight local time) (extrapolated from our 2012 annual report) and the amount of new data created today (using IDC report numbers).  The values update every minute - pretty fun - I plan to wear it to EMCworld this year.


If anyone wants the watch face, just click this link from your phone with the Pebble app installed: EMCworld

If you want the source, its available here on Github: