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I'm Hiring - Want To Come Work for the Most Fun Team @ Dell?

UPDATE: Thanks for all the support and great resumes. For now we’ve closed the process and are considering the candidates we have. Once we’ve made some hires, you know where you’ll find more info!

Of course you do :). In case you hadn’t heard, the Field Evangelism team I run here at Dell is pretty awesome. We’ve got seriously fun, smart people like Sam Maracinni, Tommy Trogden, Luke Mahon, Brian Verkley & Fabio Chiodini already spreading the message and having fun doing it. We need 2 more people in the Asia / Japan / Australia / Singapore area.

What, exactly, do we do? Well, this team, the dotnext Team as we are unofficially called, are responsible for 2 aspects of the Dell efforts:

  1. We are responsible for defining, building, refining and maintaining the Cloud Native Message here at Dell. We look at what solutions Dell has, what solutions our partners have, and what else exists in the market and craft a set of ideas, tools, assets and ideas to help our customers, analysts, and own sales staff understand what we are doing in the Cloud Native space, and why Dell EMC is likely to get them where they want to be. If learning Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, AzureStack all sounds good, then you might be a good fit. If explaining why they are a good fit sounds good, you are probably a good fit.
  2. We are the global team responsible for taking the messages for other campaigns and efforts (Digital Transformation, IT Transformation, All Flash, Multi-Cloud, etc), and delivering those to customers at scale. We do hundreds of executive briefings a year, dozens of Dell EMC forums and most of the Tier 1 events like Dell EMC World and VMworld. If you love talking to customers on a wide range of strategic topics you might be a good fit.

If that sounds awesome, and you are in the APJ region, we should talk. I’m specifically interested in adding people to the team with new perspectives and new ideas, so if you aren’t a traditional marketing person, that’s a plus to me! I’d specifically love to see some additional diversity on the team, so special invite to people of color, LGBTQ, women and anyone different than the rest of us! There’s a more traditional job description below – but if you have question, please catch me on Twitter (@mcowger) or email (matt.cowger@dell.com).