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Changes - They Are Afoot

People make all sorts of predictions this time of year. Analysts do it. Media do it. Heck, even executives do it. I don’t make these kinds of posts or predictions, because honestly if I thought I could predict that well I wouldn’t publish it - I’d be investing in the market :). Instead I do the smart thing and invest in mutual funds :).

That being said, I do recognize trends, and when I see something that has wings, I tend to focus on that and follow it. The first effort there for me was software as a service and I joined Salesforce.com pretty early on. That risk did well for me - I learned a TON, made some good money and used it as a jumping off point to learn new technologies.

The next one for me was virtualization, and I turned that into a pretty cool job here at EMC as a vSpecialist. I did that for a while, and then that changed a couple years later when I was asked to support the VMware/EMC alliance.

Well, its time for another risk.

The trend I see now is enterprise adoption of cloud native applications and the need to move that direction. With that comes all the other relevant ‘bits’ (COTS hardware, NoSQL databases, new communication/management models like DevOps, platforms like Cloud Foundry, VMware Photon and Apache Mesos).

All of this stuff is happening pretty fast, and certainly EMCers and our customers are begging for education and advice. As a result, I’ve taken a spot leading a small team of cloud native application specialists in EMC - similar to what VMware is doing with their CNA initiative.

I’m not yet sure what we’ll call the team, but the goals are something along the lines of:

responsible for evangelism, marketing and education (both internal and external) of cloud native applications and the related technologies at EMC and the Federation. Our goals are around training internally, customer discussions and coordinated messaging.

Thanks everyone for the support thus far, and I promise that even after I get my lobotomy for joining a marketing team that I’ll follow the rules.