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Tech Armor Review

A few years ago I wrote a review of a screen protector from Zagg, that got some visibility, and was recently contacted by Tech Armor to see if I was willing to do a similar review of their new line for the iPhone 6.

disclosure, they sent me a free one to test, but do not (and did not ask to) exercise any control over this post - nor are they an advertiser, as I simply dont have any)

I ended up choosing to test the Anti-Glare Ballistic Glass Screen, because one of my biggest problems with the iphone is the ultra-reflective screen.

The box arrvied and its impressively well appointed, with screen wipes, the cover itself, and some application accessories too.

I’ve tried easily a half dozen screen protectors, and usually get rid of them in days because they do one of

  • peel at the edges, leading to dust and difficulty using swipe gestures.
  • are difficult to install because they are floppy, I end up with finger prints or dust under them
  • produce a moire pattern that degrades the screen quality.

Fortunately, with the dust tape and cleaning cloth provided I ended up without any dust under the cover on my second try. And because its reasonably stiff, doing that second install was easy.

Thus far, that stiffness has also prevented any pulling up at the edges, although the thickness that comes with that does impede edge-swipe gestures a little. I’ve found that using a thin Spigen-style wrap around case reduces that impact, however.

Lastly, I see none of the moire pattern that bothered me in the past, and the anti-glare is effective.

So, thats enough to convince me to leave it on my phone, which for someone who has never used a screen protector before for more than 3 days, thats high praise :).