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Transitions In Motion

No, this is not a post about the doomed Canadian handset maker who has less than 3 years to live, in my mind (before they get bought for pennies on the peso, or whatever they use up there).

EMC has been a great gig for me so far, and the vSpecialists team has been incredible.  So many people have taught me so much.  I learned how to speak to audiences, customers and partners.  How to break things beyond recognition.  How to give better beta feedback.  More about the product lifecycle.

So when I got a call asking me if I were willing to take a different role, outside the vSpecialists, I was (and am) a bit nervous.  But, as Nick says - no risk no reward.  So, I'm taking a big risk and a new job with it.

Starting, well, now I will be supporting the joint EMC / VMware vision, making sure that whatever VMware needs from EMC happens.  That includes regular SE-type stuff (solutions design, sizing, etc), engineering support (both for escalations and future development work) and strategic direction for the partnership.  As part of it, my family is also moving back down to the Bay Area in the 1st quarter of next year.

So, if you work at VMware and need help or have questions about anything EMC related, you can get answers from me.  My sole job will be to help you succeed*.

*Yes, that is pretty egregious corporate speak!