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VMworld vHunt

Is everyone ready & excited for VMworld? I am!

Some of my fellow vSpecialist twitter aficionados are doing a bit of a contest this year - we're calling it the vhunt. Think of it as a Twitter based scavenger hunt.

Here's the rules/plan:

  1. Myself and a few others on the vSpecialist team (and I hear now that VCE as well) will be tweeting various tasks or challenges throughout VMworld. Day and Night, on the floor, in the labs, in the sessions, at the parties, etc. For everything thats vhunt related, we'll be tagging it with the #vhunt hashtag. The tasks/challenges will be wide ranging. Everything from easy stuff like 'tweet a photo of you and any vSpecialist' to 'get all 3 EMC VCDX's together and tweet something they all disagree on' to 'tweet your favorite @lynxbat hack and why'.
  2. Every time you repond, tag it with #vhunt, and the marketing people will be watching :)
  3. Everyday, 3 times a day, the EMC marketing peeps will be watching and calculating participation. Winners get cool stuff like iPads, Playstation 3's, etc.

Its that simple!

The participants this year (that I know of):

Matt Cowger - @mcowger
Tommy Trogden - @vTexan
Scott Lowe - @scott_lowe
Rick Scherer - @rick_vmwaretips
Nick Weaver - @lynxbat
Fred Nix - @VCEMonk
Bas Raayman - @basraayman
Chad Sakac - @sakacc
Dave Henry - @davemhenry
Chris Horn - @Horn_Chris
Mark Twomey - @storagezilla
Aaron Delp - @aarondelp

Here's a twitter list of all of the above: http://twitter.com/#!/mcowger/vhunt for your easy following :).


PS: For those of you stuck stuck away from VMworld this year - we haven't forgotten you - there will be ways for you to win stuff!

Question, comments, flames below!