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Zagg Extreme Shield for iPhone 5 Review

I bought the Zagg invisible shield extreme for my iPhone 5. It's the one they sell that they claim is protection for the iPhone from even breakage, even though it appears to be less than a half mil thick. There's a very convincing video up on their website about it.

So, when my phone and the shield arrived at the same time today, I was pretty psyched. I installed it mere seconds after the phone was out of the case.
Installation of the shield was very simple. I have experience installing large scale decals, so the process of wetting the shield, placing it and squeegee removal of extra liquid was pretty simple.
The Good:
  • It's pretty thin - I suspect you could use almost any case with it.
  • It didn't seem to scratch easily, even when placed face down on my garage floor.
The Bad:
  • I'm not sure what I expected, but I certainly didn't expect something called a shield to protect only the front glass. I expected it to protect the back and possible sides as well. It doesn't.
  • The shield does not fit the front of the phone well at all-it only covers maybe 95% of the front, leaving about 1-2mm around all edges unprotected. ¬†(see note below).
  • After only a few minutes, I could see that it gave a slight yellow cast to the display, not unlike early reports from the iPhone 4.
  • After few hours, it developed some lack of clarity (not due to finger prints). Image
While it seems like a great idea, I can't recommend this, especially at $30. I can get a properly protective TPU case for that money. I will be looking at how to return this.
Update: Sept 24: True to their word, Zagg quickly offered up a refund under their 45 day guarentee, which is pretty sweet.  Also, the representative informed me that they have a new version of the shield available that isn't 'Case Friendly' that covers the *entire* front panel.