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System.out.println("Hello VMware World");

I've always wondered if I should start a blog.  On one hand, it has always seemed a little odd to have something online that you expect that people might read.  Maybe a little self-serving, even.

On the other hand, I've also got ideas and thoughts that I think are worth sharing and discussing for which I don't have an alternate forum.  Some of the most important things in my corner of the industry get announced or discussed on a blog somewhere.  I figure it might also improve my writing.

So, I think I'll give this a shot - what's one more blog to read if you've got a good RSS reader anyways.

What is it that I'd like to talk about?  Well, mostly things that i know about.  I be talking about VMware, virtualization more generally, high end storage engineering, automation/mass deployment - those sorts of things.

If you care, my background is mostly in Unix/Linux deployments, VMware and storage engineering.  I've come from startups doing large web farms handling 100M+ hits/day to working for Technical Operations at Salesforce.com and most recently at 3PAR (now Hewlett Packard, of course).