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VNX to vCenter Operations Adapter

Hi Everyone,

I spent some time this week working on a demonstration of getting VNX block performance and configuration data into vCenter Operations for a customer.  This scripts are very similar in function to the scripts that Clinton Kitson (fellow vSpecialist) wrote for the Hands On Labs at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas.  Mine are a little different in the following ways:

  • These scripts measure and report block performance only
  • These scripts pull in every metric that navicli can pull in
  • These scripts do *not* use Hyperic or any temporary files to post the data - its directly sucked in from memory
  • These are entirely in PowerShell

There are some things to note about these:

  • There is no support for these.  I will try to help you out if you have troubles, but these are NOT an official EMC product, just a demonstration of something cool.
  • These are currently alpha quality at best - you are on your own if you rely on them for anything important.
  • The script supports only 1 array at a time.  I intend to change that, but for now thats the deal.  If you need to collect stats for more than 1 array, run the scripts multiple times.
  • Eventually these will be deprecated, whenever VMware comes out with a real adapter and not this hack :)

So, instructions:

Install NaviCLI from PowerLink, and copy naviseccli.exe to the same directory you put this script.  Ensure that statisics collection is enabled on your array.

Execute the with the following parameters:

.vnxvcops.ps1 -username <usernameforarray> -password XXXXXX -scope 0 -spaip <IP of SPA> -spbip <IP of SPB> -interval <Post interval in minutes> -URL http://<vcopsserverhostname>/HttpPostAdapter/OpenAPIServlet

When the script executes, it will display some progress information during the collection and posting process, and a quick output on every interval:

9/29/2011 8:38:22 PM : Post Completed - Sleeping 5 minutes before next post
9/29/2011 8:43:32 PM : Post Completed - Sleeping 5 minutes before next post
9/29/2011 8:48:41 PM : Post Completed - Sleeping 5 minutes before next post

What can you do in vCops with the data?  How about this:

You can get the latest copy of the script always from here:


To Do:

  1. Better error checking
  2. LUN/Type Aggregations
  3. Log to Event Log instead
  4. Run as a service?
  5. Support configuration file with multiple arrays
  6. Support reporting on VNX File (NFS/CIFS) statistics
  7. Other?

Let me know if it works for you and other new features/bug fixes.